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Path to Passion Is an Event…

Where you will learn how to create a relationship that has deep love and lasting passion.  It is a hands-off, clothes-on event so you will safely and comfortably be able to explore how you can fan the flames of desire, attraction and satisfaction.  This training is designed to help you stop the vicious cycles of fear, pain, shame, and lack of skill.  Plus, you will be given tools and techniques to uncover all that is passionately possible.  This event is designed for couples and singles who don’t want to miss out on all that passion has to offer them.

This 2-Day Event is for you if…

  • You love each other but feel you are lacking in the passion arena
  • You are frustrated with the continual cycles that performance anxiety creates
  • You feel you lack the knowledge and education to make a partner happy
  • You are overwhelmed with work and kids and feel like you don’t have time for your relationship
  • Loneliness and withholding are entering your heart in a relationship where you should feel fully sexually expressed
  • You haven’t had the quality and quantity of sex you desire
  • The enjoyment and fun have disappeared from your sex life
  • You want to avoid being another statistic of 1 in 3 long-term relationships becoming sexless
  • You want more aliveness in life, you don’t want to miss out, you want to know all that is possible
  • You want more success in life – when you have a great relationship foundation other things in life begin to fall in place

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You are in a loving relationship and want both love and passion or are single and wanting to become a Super Hero Sex Master and are completing the application below to determine your eligibility for a Full Tuition Scholarship to Path To Passion

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A $97 PER PERSON seat fee is required for your registration. You will receive a full refund when you arrive at the event. If you do not show up for the event or you cancel your registration there is no refund, you must show up for the event to receive your $97 refund.

  • I understand I will be charged a $97 PER PERSON seat deposit that will be refunded upon arrival to the event. This ensures a seat will be saved for me and the event will not be oversold.
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