P2P 2020 TY

Your First Step!

Mark your calendar to play full out with us for 3 days of Erotic Blueprint Expansion:

Path to Passion Live
A Live Streamed – Virtual Event
October 30th, 31st and November 1st

The estimated hours for the event (these may shift slightly so stay flexible)

Friday, October 30th: 9AM to 5PM Pacific Standard Time (PST)
Saturday, October 31th:  9AM to 5PM PST
Saturday Night: Erotic Persona Ball:  6:30PM to 8:30PM PST approximate
Sunday, November 1st: 10AM to 5PM PST

We work hard to create an experience full of empowering and transformational distinctions and practices…

We stack the experience from the moment we begin the event…

We work hard to create a safer space for all our participants…

For you to get the most out of this event…

And for every participant to feel as safe as possible…

We do expect you to participate in the entire workshop.

(AND we also honor if you hit a space of overwhelm during the event and you need to take a break for your own well being. Consent is a foundation of our work. It is important however that your intention and efforts are aligned with full participation in all sessions of this event. Don’t make other plans for this weekend. Play full out and all in!)

What to Expect and What to Look For Between Now and The Workshop:

1) We will send you additional details about the event as we get closer.

Keep your eyes on your inbox for emails with (Path to Passion) in the subject line.

Add jaiya@missjaiya.com to your address book and preferred sender list and keep checking your spam and promotions boxes so you’re certain to get all the vital details to make your event a success.

Do NOT unsubscribe from our mailing list before the event. If you do, you will miss important logistics.

2) What We Need From You to Create A Safer Space for Exploration

Creating a safer container for our events is vital!

We’re talking about a topic that is vulnerable and challenging for many, if not most, of our participants.

Before you will be given your login links to attend the event, you will need you to watch a pre-event video training** that lays out the agreements we require all participants to consent to in order to participate. This is how we set up our Event Container.

After you watch the video, you will be sent to a survey with some questions to answer about the Event Container Training.

Once you have answered enough of the questions on the survey correctly, then and only then will you receive your login details for the event.

This video training and the follow up survey IS PART of your event!

We need everyone who plans to attend Path to Passion to understand how to conduct themselves, so we create as much safety as possible for all our participants.

** Participants of previous Path to Passions have reported that the distinctions, learning and empowerment they received from how we set up the Event Container was the most powerful training they received. Discovering and declaring your boundaries and learning the skills to create consensual agreements, may completely transform the quality of your sex life AND every other aspect of your life.

3) The 2020 Path to Passion Will Be A Live Streamed, Virtual Event

We’ll be pipping sex life transformation to you in the safety of your own home. OMG! How thrilling!!!

We’re honored that you have invited us into your home for 3 days of play, practice and expansion!

Please be patient with us as we deliver all the logistics necessary for your participation.

Though we have a lot of experience delivering online events and trainings, this is the first time we are delivering Path to Passion as a live stream.

We’re going to have a huge, global audience for this playshop and we ask your patience as we put the finishing touches on event delivery.

We intend to make this a deeply rewarding, satisfyingly intimate experience.

If you have any questions or need assistance regarding the event, please write to us at jaiya@missjaiya.com.

We’re sooooo excited!

You have taken a courageous step!

This shows that you’re committed to discovering what’s possible when it comes to creating a life brimming with fulfilling intimacy, erotic expansion and sexual satisfaction.

We’re thrilled that you’re coming to play with us for Halloween weekend.

Your Path To Passion 2020 Team

Path to Passion