Unleash your Erotic Potential
Deep Passion, Loving Connection and Sexual Satisfaction for a Lifetime!

Path to Passion Live 2020
October 29th, 30th and 31st, 2020
Denver, CO

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What Is – Your Path to Passion?

A 3-Day Exclusive Event For Couples and Singles Committed to Experiencing a Fun, Frequent and Fulfilling Sex Life


Discover breakthrough techniques and practices for cultivating connection and arousal, confidence and safety, opening new worlds of pleasure and sexual satisfaction in your romantic life.

A 3-Day Exclusive Event For Couples and Singles Committed to Experiencing a Fun, Frequent and Fulfilling Sex Life


Discover breakthrough techniques and practices for cultivating connection and arousal, confidence and safety, opening new worlds of pleasure and sexual satisfaction in your romantic life.

It’s Time To…


Tell the Truth
that You Are
A Sexual Being.

Your True
Erotic Nature!

Erotic Potential!

What will you get from this 3-Day Workshop?

  • Understand the turn ons and turn offs of each Erotic Blueprint Type, helping you to increase personal pleasure and assure sexual satisfaction for you and any lover
  • Know how to transform a mediocre, stale relationship into a romance filled with adventure, fun and excitement
  • A pathway to boosting libido and arousal, which means more sexual frequency and fulfillment
  • Tools to help you feel more alive and satisfied instead of stuck in your head, unable to feel what is really happening in your body
  • Skills and confidence that you can please any lover, no matter their Blueprint Type
  • An exciting and effective plan for a life filled with pleasure!

Are you ready to solve these problems?

  • Sexual Frustration and Dissatisfaction: That your emotional and sexual needs will never be met.
  • Infrequent Sexual Connection: Are you caught in scarcity, never knowing when you’ll have sex again?
  • Performance Anxiety: Pleasure killing mind chatter that robs you of your arousal and kills your enjoyment of sexual intimacy.
  • Communication Breakdowns: building resentments and a sense of hopelessness that you’ll end up in a divorce or as sexless roommates
  • Fear of Failure: Fear that you won’t get your needs met, fear you don’t have the skills to provide pleasure, fear you won’t get an erection, fear you’ll climax too soon or not at all.
  • Sexual Incompatibility. It’s a Myth!: You’re not incompatible with a lover, you’ve never learned how to speak each other’s language of arousal and orgasm.

Three Days That Will Revolutionize Your Sex Life

Day 1: Own Your Pleasure: Your Erotic Blueprint™ = Key to Sexual Satisfaction

Embody Your Erotic Blueprint™:

Uncover your unique map of arousal and orgasm when you determine your Erotic Blueprint Type™.

You’ll finally know your own language of turn on and understand why mind-blowing pleasure may have eluded you in the past.

Gain skills to confidently provide pleasure to your lover, no matter what Blueprint Type they are.

Sexy Consent and Blissful Boundaries:

Many of us have said, “Yes” when we meant “No!”

Discover the sexy empowerment of setting clear boundaries. Honor your “Hell Yeses” and your “ Hell No’s”!

Consent = Safety = Erotic Freedom

When boundaries are clear, we can play full out and test the limits of what’s erotically possible.

Participants report that this training on Consent and Boundaries created profound, life-changing healing, sexual empowerment.

We’ll Help Take the Brakes Off of Your Turn On:

It’s often the shadows, fears, and traumas that keep the lid on your pleasure.

Dismantle disempowering beliefs that stand between you and ultimate erotic freedom.

Day 2: Explore What’s Erotically Possible!

Your Empowered Erotic Personas Come to Life:

What parts of your sexuality have you hidden away due to fear, shame or trauma?

The Empowered Erotic Persona Experience helps you consciously and safely bring to life those buried parts of your eroticism.

Free yourself to explore, express and experience your full erotic potential! Come and Play!!

Do you have a plan for your pleasure?

How much pleasure do you crave? How much pleasure can you stand?

How are you going to get what you desire?

We’ll get you clear on your vision, so you can manifest the sex life of your dreams!

What’s Erotically Possible? Are you ready to claim it?

Day 3: The Masterplan for Hot Sex for a Lifetime!

Discover the 6 Core Secrets to having a vibrant, passionate sex life!

How do you assure erotic expansion and sexual satisfaction?

We’ll download you with proven strategies, games and practices that transformed our relationship, reclaiming it from death’s door and taking it to new heights of Epic Erotic Adventure!

From “Adventure Dates” to “Sexy Sex Labs” to “Sex Life Challenges”, you’ll discover the strategies to experience an erotically fulfilled life!

You’ll walk out the door with a clear map to put passion, pleasure and play into your frequent and fulfilling sex life!

Uncover your personal map to ecstasy.

Experience otherworldly pleasures you didn’t even know were possible!

Early Bird Pricing! Claim Your Ticket for $497!
Seats are limited!
Saturday Night’s
Empowered Erotic Persona Tribal Ball
Let Your Hidden and Forbidden Parts Come Out to Play…

Feel confident and safe to move playfully through the world as your true erotic self…

  • Drop in to Your Body
  • Embody Your Blueprint or Persona in Movement
  • Own Your Autonomy and Personal Experience of Pleasure
  • Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

A Halloween Celebration Like No Other!

Experience a world where You Can Be You!

Your guides on the Path!


Internationally recognized, award-winning sexologist and best selling author (“Red Hot Touch” and “Cuffed, Tied & Satisfied”), Jaiya is the creator of the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™.

Over 2 decades of practice as a Somatic Sexologist and Sexological Bodyworker Jaiya immersed herself in the study of turn-on, ancient erotic rituals, tantric sex, mastery of sensual touch, kinky dynamics, and the biology and psychology of attraction and sexual fulfillment.

Working with thousands of clients and through her clinical research, she discovered a map of arousal that reveals your specific erotic language of arousal, a revolutionary framework to create deeper connection and sexual satisfaction.


As Jaiya’s co-conspirator in developing the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough, Ian brings 30 years of embodiment practice to the game. A student of Modern Dance and Contact Improvisation at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts he’s taken the work deeper through 5 Rhythms Movement and Trance Dance, developing his own emergent blend of movement, breath and rhythm called “Rites of Sound.”

Ian’s background in Non-Violent Communication and experience with the tools of Landmark Education set the foundation for his use of an intuitive coaching approach that moves past criticism and shame and towards authentic communication, connection and secure bonding.

Welcome to a place where your pleasure comes first!
Have you yearned for a community where sexuality is discussed honestly, openly and consciously with empathy, enthusiasm, care and respect?

See How We Roll, Click Here

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  • Putting Pleasure First! We live in a state of pleasure in every area and every moment of our lives and business. Pleasure is the priority, it’s the absolute, it’s the reason we exist. Period.
  • Consent as the Foundation: We honor others by gaining permission first. This means that we ask before we touch. We get clear yes’s and anything else is a “NO.” If we break consent we apologize and make it right. This gives you freedom to explore and play to the edges of what’s erotically possible.
  • Being Raw and Real: We are present and open to being vulnerable, and committed to welcoming and accepting all the messages the mind/body is revealing.
  • Freedom of Expression: We are passionate about being free to be exactly who we are, and embrace who you are. We sexually express ourselves in any way that feels right, and provide a safe, consensual, no-judgement space for our community to break through shame and feel seen and heard.
  • Health & Vitality: We believe in doing whatever it takes to live a life filled with optimal health and pleasure. We value being energized, radiant and feeling great, therefore; self-care, exercise, great food, hacking and longevity practices become foundational to our culture.
  • Personal Responsibility! We celebrate the truth and commit to the healthy process of fully revealing and owning the zone of responsibility – negative or positive.
  • Being Our Word! We walk our talk, we deliver on what we promise, and if we can’t, we address it.
  • Fact Based and Fun Sexual Education giving you access to pleasures you didn’t even know were possible
  • Pushing the Edges of What’s Possible: We foster a ‘state of possibility’ by consciously demonstrating the path of what’s possible through not only our company culture, but also a global culture that celebrates vs. shames sexuality.
  • Inclusion and Empathy: Creating a world where all genders and consensual lifestyle choices are respected and free to safely to express themselves without fear of being subjected to shame and violence
  • Contribution and Generosity: We are a community that values giving to others, paying it forward and helping to make a difference. We support organizations that prevent sexual violence and discrimination through education.
  • Having Tons of Fun!

Welcome Home. Welcome to the…

Turn On Tribe!

What makes this workshop so good?

“You have opened up a new world of possibilities for our sex life. We have been married almost 26 years now. It has helped us fall Madly in Love with each other all over again. Not just through sex but in our daily lives together. It’s still hard to believe, but loving every second of it.”

-T & -P

San Francisco, CA

“Before I came to this event I felt judgement, not approval for my true self and felt I did not really fit in anywhere, every workshop I learned a lot, but it was never quite the right fit. At Path to Passion I suddenly felt home, felt real, felt understood because I could really understand myself. In just two days things feel clear, safe and expansive.”

Dana S

…Rarely does my wife fail to achieve orgasm now. We have a small but effective cache of toys and aides. We now regularly engage in oral sex. And anal play is developing. (She loves her “butt massages.”) I am somewhat embarrassed that after 14 years of marriage, I was so naive and unskilled in the art of lovemaking. I have continued to learn and train my skills as a lover, and have helped lead my wife past many inhibitions, to open her up more to her sensuality…my deepest thanks.”


“Before attending Path To Passion I didn’t feel connected to my husband sexually. I didn’t want sex. I felt like something was wrong with me. In just two days I learned that I am energetic and that made so much difference. We had sex last night… I haven’t felt that aroused in 30 years!”

– Linda

You know there’s more to life! Are you ready to claim it?

What’s the Cost of Not Taking Action?
What if these people had done nothing?
What if you do nothing?
Doing nothing doesn’t get you more of the same Doing nothing makes matters worse!

What is your fate if you don’t take action?

  • Dissatisfaction that leads to a slow shriveling of your aliveness
  • Unhappiness and a feeling like you missed out on something
  • Divorce, affairs, break-ups or being without a satisfying love life
  • A sense of failure, that you missed out on everything life has to offer.
  • Disappointment for yourself and those you love
  • Continuing to fake it and take it and one day you just explode
  • Your kids don’t experience a healthy, happy relationship and they repeat the mistakes they inherited
  • A sexless, passionless relationship where you’re more like roommates than lovers

Don’t hope that things will change! Make a plan for your pleasure!

Early Bird Pricing! Claim Your Ticket for $497!
Seats are limited!

Valuable Extra Bonuses

Bonus #1: Sexual Communication Checklist

Empower yourself to play full out in the bedroom!

What if you knew everything that was on the menu for sexual play with your lover before you began?
Use this empowering tool for explicit communication, so you know what your play partner…

  • Wants to explore
  • Is willing to experiment with
  • And what’s a “No Way!”

Declare your “Hell Yesses!” and your “Hell No’s!” Creating sexy safety for consensual intimacy!

Discover your lover’s edges so you can honor them without holding back!
Who knew exploring healthy boundaries could be sooo friggin’ hot?

Bonus #2: Erotic Blueprint Playlists

Indulge in a symphony of orgasmic delight.
Inspire sexy surrender and delicious decedance.
At your fingertips, the right music to spark turn on for any Erotic Blueprint Type.

You’ll leave Path to Passion with access to a multitude of perfect Blueprint playlists to create the soundtrack to your sex life!
Open The Doors to Ecstasy

Early Bird Pricing For 2020! Claim Your Ticket for $497!

Seats are limited!

Path to Passion Live 2020
October 29th, 30th and 31st 2020,
Denver, CO

Have you got questions like these?

What is the ticket refund policy?

Cancellation Refunds for full price or discounted ticket offers are at the sole discretion of Jaiya, Inc.. $300.00 U.S. Dollars of any ticket price is considered your Non-Refundable Seat Reservation Deposit and there will be no refunds or transfers allowed for this portion of your ticket purchase after the 72 hour cancellation window has passed.

Up to 90 days prior to the event the cancellation policy stated for complimentary/free seats with seat deposits will apply to full fair or discounted ticket purchases (see ‘terms and conditions’ link at the bottom of this webpage).

After the refund window has passed Jaiya, Inc., at its’ sole discretion, may grant a refund of the remaining portion of your ticket purchase price (less the $300 non-refundable seat reservation deposit).
No refunds will be granted within 30 days of the start date of the event for which your seat is reserved.

Ticket Pricing and Seat Reservation Deposits are Per Person fees. For each person attending there must be either a ticket purchased or a Seat Reservation Deposit placed.

All event ticket sales are considered final and terms and conditions apply.

Is this event right for me?
Do you know how to boost desire and generate optimal sexual health? Do you know how to break free of inhibitions, shame and insecurities to unleash your unbridled sexuality?
Do you know how to create amazing passion and deep loving connection for the long haul? Do you know how to move past performance anxiety, pain and infrequent sexual connection to achieve erotic satisfaction?
If you answered “No” or even “I’m not sure” to any of these questions, then this event is right for you!
I’ve tried therapy and other coaches and events, they didn’t help or only helped a little. What makes this event different?
The framework and techniques that Jaiya and Ian use are a unique system that, if put to practice, are proven to produce results. We approach your body, mind and spirit in a holistic manner, so no part of you is left behind.
Jaiya has a specialized license that allows her to work with the body. This specialized license and over 20 years of practice allow her see things and discover breakthroughs that may not be available in traditional talk therapy. She has years of comprehensive sexuality education, somatic mastery and a broad tool kit of transformational technologies that go way beyond traditional approaches.
Jaiya has designed this 3-day event so that you will leave able to get results because she is looking at the whole picture, not just one piece of the pie.
What if I am single? Will I still benefit from this event?
You are an erotic being whether you’re single or in a partnership!
Learning to play your own erotic instrument solo is a step towards true mastery. Jaiya spent 3 hours a day for 10 years straight engaged in solo erotic pleasure practice to master her own instrument. You don’t have to invest that kind of time, but cultivating the skills to turn yourself on gives you sexual superpowers. Gain the confidence that you can get your needs met by any future lover, adn gain the confidence that you can please any lover, anywhere, any time.
Knowing yourself allows you to call in your ultimate lover. This event might just be a great way to meet someone open to the idea of consciously exploring sexuality together!
I’m nervous/excited to attend an event about sexuality. What can I expect? Will I feel safe?

This is a PG-13, clothing on event. (Sorry Sexual Types 😉

You will not be coerced by anyone on the Jaiya, Inc. team to do anything that you don’t want to do. In fact, in our culture, a “Maybe” is a “No!”

There’s nothing like hanging out with our Turn On Tribe!

It’s incredibly freeing and satisfying to be part of a sex positive, ethical, empathetic and conscious sexuality community!

We create a container of Consent and Boundaries for your 3-Day Immersive Experience.

The foundation of our work is empowering you to have your voice when it comes to your sex and sexuality. Many attendees state that learning about consent and how to set personal boundaries are the most powerful and life transforming parts of their Path to Passion experience.

Yes, we talk frankly about sex, arousal, turn on and very edgy topics!

Yes, there are demonstrations of a sexual nature so you can learn from examples and experience rather than just talk.

But you participate to your own comfort level in everything we do.

We’ve got your back!

This event is NOT for you, if…

  • You are offended by sexual talk, naughty words or behaviour

  • You are triggered by the display of erotic acts or eroticism in general
  • You are offended by swear/curse words
    You are triggered by nudity (this is a clothing on event, but there have been sightings of genitals and breasts at past events – not by intention.)

  • You are triggered when you hear the stories of other people’s trauma, sexual or otherwise. We get raw and real about the topic and often participants will reveal disturbing stories of their own traumatic experiences.

  • You are not ready to experience erotic expansion, deeper pleasure and hotter sex

We get raw and real, but we do so with savy sophistication.

Come play with us and the members of our Turn On Tribe!

You’ll be ecstatic that you did!

What are the hours of the event?
Plan on three very full days of learning. We usually start at 9:00 AM and go until around 6:00 PM.
There is an evening Empowered Erotic Persona Dance Ritual Saturday evening that you don’t want to miss! Plan on ending the day around 10PM.
A full schedule will be sent to you in the weeks leading up to the event.
What’s covered as part of the event?
All 3 Days of the Workshop and the Saturday evening dance ritual are all included.

Room, meals and travel are not included in your ticket.

We usually provide an opportunity to get a Pleasure Pass, where many of your meals and some special treats are included.

If you have other questions, reach out to us at jaiya@missjaiya.com