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When does the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course™ Begin?

Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course™ officially starts Wednesday November 2, 2016.   There will be some things to do to get ready before we begin, so don’t delay reading our emails.  You will receive email notifications with Program Updates.  All emails will have (EBBC) or (EFC) in the subject lines, so make sure to open these emails and read them thoroughly.

What bonuses are included with the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course™?

When you sign up for the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course™, you will also receive 2 complimentary months in the Erotic Freedom Club, the Taoist Erotic Massage Class, and the Blueprint Breakthrough Audio Course and Workbook.

Will the materials for the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course™ be available for download?

We do not make the content downloadable during the course. During the course, we post the replays so you will be able to stream them. At the end of the course, we will send out a final email with all of the download links to our content.

However, audio files and PDF’s will be available for download during the course.

How to I get my Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ QUIZ RESULTS?

Check your email inbox and make sure to check your Spam, Junk, Promotions or other email inboxes to find it first.  The Quiz Results Email can take up to 10 minutes to get to you, so give it a minute.  If you did not get your results, even after checking all your possible inboxes and waiting at least 15 minutes, you can retake the quiz at or reach out to us at for assistance.

What if I Wanted to Check More Than One Box in the Blueprint Quiz?

It is best to select the option that most applies to you. If you wanted to check more than one box on many of the questions, but did not want to check “All of the above”, this points to your “Secondary Blueprint Type”. We address secondary blueprint types in depth inside of the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course™.

I disagree with my Blueprint Quiz results. 

It’s important to understand any blocks we may be putting up as a result of our upbringing, feelings of shame, or sexual education. We would encourage you to look into exactly why you are disagreeing or may have any aversion to the type that came up on our quiz.

If that doesn’t seem to fit, it could be that you are more advanced in your sexuality, meaning that you don’t have the shadow aspects of the Blueprint.  You can just have the positive side.

What is Erotic Freedom Club™, and am I automatically enrolled?

When you enroll in Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course™ (EBBC) you are automatically enrolled in a 2 Month Membership of our Erotic Freedom Club™ (EFC) monthly member ship program. You will receive email notifications about this program.

What is the difference between the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course™ and the Erotic Freedom Club™?

The course itself is the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough. The Erotic Freedom club is a monthly membership program that you receive access to as a bonus for the duration of the course. You will get 2 complimentary months in Erotic Freedom Club and that is the delivery mechanism for Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™.

As we near the end of the three month complimentary monthly membership, you will receive several notifications to alert you to the beginning of a paid monthly membership and you can opt out at that time, easily.

You will be given access to the course materials for life from a different site after the 2 months is up.

Do I Need to Have a Facebook Account to Participate in These Programs?

You must have a Facebook account to participate in our EBBC and EFC programs.  It is easy to set up if you don’t have an account, and we do not have an alternative way for you to participate.


Our emails will come to you from  Make sure to whitelist this email address, so we do not end up in Spam, Junk, Promotions or other email filters.  Our sexiness can easily send us there.

Do I Need to Be 18 Years of Age or Older to Participate?

YES, You must be 18 or older!

What Payment Options Do I Have to Pay for My Program?

We only accept credit card or debit card (that functions like a credit card) payments. There are no exceptions to this policy. The card must be in your name and you are responsible for keeping your payment information current with us, if you choose a payment plan. Please read our Terms and Conditions Page (see the bottom of this page for the link) for any questions regarding our policies.

Is My Participation Kept Private in This Program?

We do our best to keep your identity safe and protected. Click “Privacy” at the bottom of this page for full details.